Wimbledon 2016: Sara Errani goes down with honours of war


A shot of our Sara Errani during her rematch against Alizé Cornet of France at Wimbledon 2016

Our Sara Errani ends today her Singles grass season after a honorable 2-hour battle.

Unfortunately the hottest rematch of the Tour has been scheduled on a non-streamed court by the Tournament Direction, thus unleashing a massive complaint on Twitter.

Following the infamous episode occurred in Toronto back in 2013 – when a furious argument broke out between Alizé Cornet and our Sara Errani, who firmly protested against her opponent’s very non-French celebration “Vamos!” – that quickly became a trend among tennis aficionados, a post with a game shot and the hashtag #whyyousayvamos appeared on Alizé’s personal Instagram account the day before the match (later revealing that her brother challenged her to do so).

That being so, it has been the will of both players to honour the hype from the very first point of the match held on Court4: Cornet gets off the starting blocks with an impressive rush leading to a 4-1 lead, altough our warrior does not get intimidated, hits back and goes to serve for first set but falls short, as the French succeeds in winning the tie-break. At the beginning of the second set, it is Sarita who steps up first at 2-0, 0-30, but once again Cornet strikes back at the end. Final score: (4)6-7, 5-7.

Here’s Sarita’s comments during the post-game press conference:


We both played a great match. To me it was probably my best match of the season, both on tactics and mental ends. It burns so much right now, I felt I deserved the win by the way I’ve played. But that’s how it goes: I’ve won thousand of times playing way worse than today throughout my whole career, sometimes you have to accept that fate goes the other way.

It was a mix of things: I had to cope with another poor decision by the umpire on a game point in the 2nd game – which I lost – lots of nets and lines when I was up 2-0, 0-30 that could have made the difference at the right time, my right calf cramped several times… but that’s how it is. You have to accept it went her way today.

Like I said, I am as competitive as one can be: I gave my best in every single point of the match, I feel I’ve played great. I’m on the right way to get back on my 100% condition on court.

Now it is time to focus on Doubles here, before competing in Bucharest and Bastad on clay. Then Montreal and the Olympics. I got a pretty busy schedule coming up.”


Our Sara Errani and Alizé Cornet exchanging honours of war at the net at the end of their rematch at Wimbledon 2016
©AELTC/Florian Eisele . 30 June 2016

Sarita now has a full day to recover from this battle before getting back on court to debut her Doubles draw with Oksana Kalashnikova against the Strycova/Krajicek team.

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