(VIDEO) Sara Errani and Martina Trevisan: the Smile Team


Our Sara Errani and Martina Trevisan never miss the chance to crack a smile even during their matches @ the Internazionali BNL d’Italia 2017 ©Federico Rossini

Young, Italian and all-smiles: nobody expected this brand new duo to work this well out of the blue. Thanks to the Tournament Direction who created the happiest coincidence of the season, the Azzurre debuted for the first time at   the Internazionali BNL d’Italia.

Martina TrevisanHo iniziato subito a chiederle un sacco di consigli. Dove giocare, dritto o rovescio, le dicevo Consigliami te! Invece no, Sara ha preferito lasciarmi fare come sentivo più naturale per mettermi a mio agio e dicendomi di giocare sempre dove mi sentivo più sicura.

Sara Errani: I believe Martina has got lots of courage. How she went out on court and played like a veteran today was just great. Let’s not take for granted all the weight she bare on her shoulders. She is able to do whatever it takes. You can hear her saying she is nervous and such, but she naturally jumps at the chance! That is why I have found it so easy to connect with her. Not mentioning the fact that we keep laughing all the time!

Martina Trevisan: I have been following Sara’s example for quite some time now. It is not much about what she says to me, or the advice she can offer. That is all about what she does on court and off court, as well as her personality.

I think Roland Garros final is the most unforgettable match of her career. I always find the time to watch it when they repeat it on Supertennis TV. I could never get tired of it. 

Sara Errani: I personally find the strength that I need within my closest people. I found myself eased in bearing my difficulties thanks to their love and support. They believe in me as a player and help me getting in the zone to give my best. 

Martina Trevisan: I cosign. Being close with the right people is a must. However, I am the type of person who always tries to rely on herself to find the motivation I need. I always dig inside to find new energies. 

Thinking about the fact that she won a Career Grand Slam is amazing. That’s why it felt so awkward today. I couldn’t stop saying to myself “She won everything and I am playing my third doubles match ever!” *laughs* 

Sara Errani: It is obvious that we didn’t have the chance to create any sets. It was the very first step we stepped on court together as a team, so we had to improvise. We still haven’t got our own automatisms because we still don’t know each other like that. The more we will play together, the more we will get close and bound as doubles players.

I think I saw her playing for the first time in Prato. I was impressed with her intensity and ball-weight, as well as her deep striking consistency. I wish I could have it myself. 

Martina Trevisan: Aside from the fact that we are going to win Rome, our first Grand Slam win will be Wimbledon *both laugh*

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