Update on the injury

Sara had a scan on her left thigh yesterday, which revealed that the injury that forced her to withdraw from Beijing isn’t serious. She has to rest for 15 to 20 days, so she’ll probably be fine for the Year End Championships in Istanbul. Sara and Roberta were the first team to qualify for these championships in doubles, and after the results so far this week Sara is qualified in singles too!

Sara’s coach Pablo Lozano is “not only confident, but certain” that Sara will make the YEC.

“She’s had other muscular problems, and she’s always reacted well. We will check it, evaluate it, work hard, but we’ll make it.” Sara said that she really wants to play in Istanbul, no matter what: “I’m used to wanting to play any tournament. At the Masters, I will even play if I’m limping. And then I’d take my responsibility if I had to rest for a while. Also because it’s only one tournament, one week, and then I have a month and a half for the winter training.”

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