Serie A, day 5

Sara lost in the Serie A today. It was round 5, and Albinea played against number 1 Parioli. Sara played world #64 Greta Arn from Hungary and she lost in a tight match: 6-7 5-7. As Giovine and Gabba won their matches, the score after the singles matches was 2-1 for Albinea, and doubles was decisive in this tie. This was a very close match again, but Sara and Giulia Gabba beat Arn and Burnett 7-6 2-6 10-8. With this result, Albinea beat Parioli 3-1, and now they lead the league. Albinea and Parioli both have 12 points, but Albinea played 1 match less.

New matches of the Serie A have also been added in the photogallery.

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