US Open 2012: Semifinal loss

Sara couldn’t pull off the surprise at the US Open and lost in the semifinal against Serena Williams: 1-6, 2-6. Despite the loss, and the numbers, Sara played a good match; Williams was simply too strong for her.

“I lost 1 and 2. It was very difficult,” said Sara after the match. “She’s a great player. The way she wants to win, and when she plays like this, I think she’s the best player in the world. I believed I could do it before the match and I tried everything I could – first set I tried to be more defensive and play more high balls, but that was not so good, so I changed and tried to be more aggressive.”

On the WTA site and the US Open website you can find articles about the match. The US Open site also has a transcript of Sara’s English pressconference after the match, while La Gazzetta dello Sport posted the audio of the Italian part of the pressconference. Of course ubitennis posted a collection of articles from the Italian newspapers. Finally, don’t forget to check out the photogallery as well.

Today, Sara has a day off, but tomorrow she’ll be on court again, for the doubles final!

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