Sara Errani: “The quicker I’ll accept being a different player, the quicker I’ll be back on top”


Here is the exclusive interview of our Sara Errani for TennisWorldItalia right after her doubles loss @ the Internazionali BNL d’Italia

Federico Mariani met with our Sara Errani for a one-to-one right after her doubles loss in Round-16 with the Italian teammate Martina Trevisan. In this exclusive tête-à-tête our Sarita takes the chance to speak on her need to accept her new self as a player in order to be back where she belongs.

Sara Errani: “There is no doubt the Italian tennis is not very healthy right now. Still, it’s only a matter of time, years, phases. We’ve got lots of talented players, but they need their time to grow. In my opinion, there’s no specific reason really, they are all cycles that start, finish and will eventually start again”.

Sara Errani: “I’ve definitively got used to all the people who get at me because of my serve. In Spain, they’ve always valued me for my virtues rather than my flaws. On the other hand, I know that’s a whole different story in Italy: judging and criticizing are the main sports here. I am well aware that it is not my strong point but still, I got to the top using it.

Everybody is entitled to his own taste: one likes winners and aces, while another falls in love with a tennis match turning into a chess game. Since I don’t have that kind of strength, I need to work with the power of my brain”.

Sara Errani: “Sometimes when I get on court, I naturally wear feelings and flashs from the past, but they’re gone really. The quicker I’ll accept being a different player, the quicker I’ll be back on top. I need to stick only with my current ranking, that is my value, at present. I need to face the fact that I am a different from the player I used to be. I am questioning myself, however I still struggle with the idea of making mistakes and errors and it can gets very counter-productive at times. I know I need to accept that to make progress. I must put the past aside and start building again from scratch”.

Sara Errani:I am totally against all the wild cards given to Sharapova. They should not help her going back to the top this way, after what she’s done. Schiavo (ndr. Francesca Schiavone) not being in Rome at the Internazionali is such a big lack, especially considering the fact that this the last year of her career. That is such a shame for tennis, as well as for sport in general. How sad..”.

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