Our Sara Errani and coach Pablo Lozano wave goodbye


They say every new beginning come from some other beginning’s end, and that is exactly what our Sara Errani felt she needed to experience in order to start over and get ready for the next 2017 WTA season. Like each and every one of the last 12 years spent together, side to side, this 2016 has been unique and brought to the team their most important Singles achievement with the title of Dubai’s Premier tournament:


“Hi everyone, 

I’m here today to announce that my longtime collaboration with Pablo Lozano and David Andres in Valencia has just come to an end. 

It’s been 12 unforgettable years, and is very hard to describe with mere words either how we lived them to the fullest or the countless emotions we shared day after day.

When I first arrived in Valencia, I was just a girl with a dream, eager to do whatever it took to make it come true. But truth is that I didn’t really know what to expect from myself at that time, what my potential could ever achieve. 12 years later, I got  more thousand of kilometres and many achievements under my belt that I ever thought I could really reach. I went beyond my limits and Pablo’s always been a costant with it. I could never imagine how much he would be a major key for me back then.

We have been through it all. I am not just considering tennis matters, as you all already know about them. I am talking about everything that goes down away from the limelight, what happens backstage. The practices, the countless flights, the board games, the lunches and the dinners we had together. The chats, the arguments, the hugs, the cries, all the times we opened up and trusted each other. I have seen him growing with me, becoming a better person and a greater coach again and again. I have seen him getting married, the birth of his children, seen them growing as well, and he has allowed me to witness all this and to be a part of it like a bigger sister, with love and joy. Our lives crossed and became one, for 12 years. 

sara-errani-pablo-lozano-end-collaboration-2016-2017So I want to give my special thanks to Pablo, for being the cornerstone of my life, for providing me with everything that I needed and for making me who I am today. 

Thanks to David Andres, for being an essential and irreplaceble element of this journey. For being there no matter the distance, and helping us relieving the stress with his stories. Above all, thanks for your amazing work that always got me in top shape throughout all these years – which is vital to my tennis.

Thanks to the whole Lozano family for welcoming me as one of their own and making myself at home since the beginning. I really felt like part of your family, and I could never thank you enough for this. 

Thanks to Jose Altur and Pancho Alvariño for their availability, as well as the whole Tenisval Academy – the guys and the coaches – for showing me so much respect and letting me have a pleasant stay anytime I was there. You all gave your best in order to let me give mine. 

It is truly impossible to describe what we went through, but I’ll carry it with me forever. I tried my best to express the feelings I have inside right now and all that’s going through my mind. I might have succeeded in showing only a tiny 1%, but I hope it is going to be enough for you to know how thankful I am for the precious time we shared. That is why I know we will be bond forever no matter what. That we will remain as close as we’ve always been even thought we won’t be a professional team anymore. 

To end our journey this way, with joy and smile upon everybody’s faces, is priceless to me. As with the same smile the last 12 years went by for all of us. And so they will remain unforgotten in  my mind. 

It is time for me to start a new journey now. I still don’t know where it will lead me and who is going to walk the way with me.

I’ll keep you posted”.



Our Sara Errani with Pablo Lozano and David Andres

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