INTERVIEW: “I am satisfied with my performance today. I try to being physically perfect all the time.”


Here for you Sara Errani’s post-match press conference after defeating Vika Azarenka in singles (7-5, 6-3) and Cibulkova/Bencic in doubles with partner Flavia Pennetta (6-1, 6-3).

You had a strong last 2 weeks and you have now decided to get back playing doubles. Do you feel you have the energy and the form to repeat the same performance of a few years ago and go back to the Top5-10?

Well, for me the form is different every day. I think I have played a really good match today, but of course I just need to try being physically perfect all the time. I do not think there is a such period in which you play better rather than others, it can change anyday. In fact, even thought I made it through a semifinal and a final over the past 2 weeks, I did not really have good feelings.

Do you feel different – physically speaking – now that you do not have to play doubles? 

Well, I am playing doubles here *laughs*. Of course you can understand it gets tougher when you have to get to go on and off the court more times a day. I think it was good a choice to stop a little bit in doubles and focus on singles.

About today’s match against Victoria (ndr. Azarenka): you played a very good match. You were able to protect your serve very well. How did you come up as winner?

I guess I was solid enough not to do many mistakes. I think I played well generally. I tried to change the game and switch pace, hitting not only flat shots to move her. I satisfied about my performance.

Sara, when it comes to this part of the season, played on hardcourt, and you know there are only a fews months left, do you come here tired or energized because there are only few more chances to do good before October? What is the mentality?

Well, playing in the US and in Canada is always very nice, so of course you come here energized but at the same time I think it is quite normal to feel a little bit tired because it is the second half of the year. Plus you cannot help but see people posting pictures on socials at the beach, so that makes it even tougher sometimes.

You and Coco (ndr. Vandeweghe) made some hilarious comments about your ping pong skills yesterday. Do you feel you would be a tough test for anybody? 

*laughs* Well, I just love playing ping pong when I am at home. I used to play a lot with my brother when we were younger. We had the chance to play yesterday because of the rain. It is very nice to have a ping pong table here!

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