Beijing 2012: Withdrawal due to injury

At 5-4 in the first set, Sara had to retire from her first round match in Beijing. After her match against Nadia Petrova in Beijing, she had a contraction of the left quadriceps and practiced lightly for two days. Today it felt good, but in the second game, when Sara hit a forehand down the line, she felt a strong stab of pain and immediately said it was broken. She continued the match to see if she was able to fight herself to victory. She tried, but then she realised it was serious. Pablo Lozano, Sara’s coach, said he’s afraid the muscle is strained and has a small tear, but she’ll have ultrasounds on monday and tuesday and then they will know more.

Here is hoping it’s not as serious as it sounds, and Sara will be able to finish the season as planned – and hopefully still qualify for the WTA Championships Finals!

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