ERRANI: “It would be better for me finishing in Top30 knowing I gave my best than finishing Top10”



Great match today, it was a great comeback. How did you feel while playing?

SARA ERRANI: Yeah, it was a great match, really long, I know, more than 2.5 hours so physically very tough. With Jelena is always like this, we play very long matches, every point is a rally. I think we both played a really good match today.

The second set in particular, you went down and then found your way back. What was going on in your mind when you were 1-5 down?

SARA ERRANI: I was 5-1 down indeed, but truth was there have been very long games throughout the whole set. Lots of advantages. I felt like the score wasn’t really a fair picture of the match. I thought our level of play was constantly close so I tried to stay there as much as possible. I kept playing all the points and then we went for the final tie-break.

Do you know you have a growing fanbase during the last couple of days? Do you like Sydney?

SARA ERRANI: Of course, it’s always nice to be appreciated for what you do, even though today there were lots of people cheering for Jelena at the Stadium. I definitively love Australia and Sydney. I’ve been to Bondi Beach the other day, it was amazing. I always feel very good here, also the people are very nice.

Did you do anything different during the off-season?

SARA ERRANI: Not really. I couIdn’t do a proper prepation during last year’s off-season because of an injury I was suffering. This year I did have the time to train hard. But anyway I did nothing different, same place, same coach, same physical trainer.

Were you happy of your season overall last year? Do you plan to be back in Top10 this year?

SARA ERRANI: Of course I was. I did many great weeks during the whole season and finished in Top20. That’s a good result for me. It was a tough year for me overall so I was totally satisfied about the income.
Well, there are only 10 people in Top10, that’s how you know it is a very tough goal to reach. The level is really high. I do not play to reach the Top10. On the contrary, my thing is to always give my best on court. For me it’s better to finish 30th and knowing that I gave everything I had than finish Top10 without that feeling. The most important thing for me would be not get injured and be happy.

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