ERRANI: “I’m very disappointed but I’ll do my best to get in shape for Rio”


The worst timing ever for our Sara Errani to experience physical hitchs as she is forced to withdraw from Rogers Cup 2016. ©F.Pomerlau

Lots of disappointment following an unexpected injury that forced our Sara Errani to withdraw from Montreal’s Rogers Cup and leave the path open for Karolina Pliskova without a battle.

There is no secret 2016 isn’t our Sara Errani’s lucky year in terms of health consistency. Luckily enough, there is no sign of tears or lesions, only a major contracture concerning Sarita’s right shoulder and neck, which makes the recovery prospect positive enough not to affect her participation in 2016 Olympics. Right after the official WTA withdrawal, Sara took over the Press Conference room to share her thoughts on what happened:

I woke up around 3AM last night feeling extremely stiff. I do not know what it depended on, but I’ve been suffering a major contracture through my shoulder and neck since then. That’s why I couldn’t step on court to play Pliskova today.

I tried every last-minute treatment and consulted the fisio but truth to be told, it was hard for me even to put my shirt on. Even though there are only a few days left before Rio, doctors reassured me about my condition, saying that I should be fine in 3-4 days max. I’ll do my best to get back in shape.

Of course I am very disappointed. I reached semifinals in 2015, so it is safe to say I’ve just payed a dear withdrawal. Anyway, competing in the Olympics, representing my country and finally winning a medal would be a dream for me. If I manage to change my flight schedule – very difficult – I’ll leave for Rio before Monday. If not, I’ll stay here to recover and practice for the rest of the week.”

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