Doha 2016: our Sara Errani escapes another battle!



Here we go again! Altro giro, altra corsa! It is really too soon to start a brand new week but somebody got to do it and our Sara Errani has just landed in Doha for another major competition!

After less than 36 hours of rest the new queen of Dubai is back on court for the first round of the WTA Premier Qatar Total Open 2016. While still in the Emirates, waiting for Barbora Strycova to show on the other side of the net, the Singles draw was already out in Doha and put Sarita’s name – n.16 seed – next to Tvetana Pironkova.

The Bulgarian player, who currently sits at the n.103 spot in the world rankings , holds a 1-1 record against our Sara Errani thanks to a victory gained in Sydney back in 2014. Fairly enough, neither this record nor the fatigue stored from last week prevent the Italian warrior to come out of another battle as the winner.

After an unsuccessful first set, Sarita gets loose and sprint to a 4-0 lead but Pironkova targets her plate and starts the chase. The new WTA’s n.17 sees her through the rear-view mirror though, and blocks her before she could reach. The Bulgarian makes a quick pause at pit stop to regain her focus before the deciding set but she cannot control “her Ferrari” anymore, so that Errani passes first the finish line. Final score: 1-6, 7-5, 6-3.

About racing cars.. We suggest this funny and smart post-match interview with our Sarita:

The conditions here are very different compared to Dubai. I didn’t start very well in the first set both because maybe they affected me a little, and of course due to my opponent’s worth. On the contrary, I started very well in the second but then again conditions played their part as the balls were soaked with humidity. The ball struggles to come out the racket and whenever the ground absorbs humidity as well the rebound is close to 0. I guess I haven’t got enough time to adapt since I came in yesterday at 2pm.

It was the best week of my whole career without a doubt. Also, I totally agree with my coach Pablo Lozano when he says the other players are equipped with the fastest cars while I travel with a yellow truck (laughs); the difference resides in your driving skills. I always need to be as close as I can to perfection in order to get something out of my game, that’s why he (Lozano) is so important for me: he helps me analyzing every player, every situation, every point.

Mmmm… hard to say. I cannot pick a single match to replay if I could travel back in time. Perhaps Roland Garros’ final, even thought I’m quite sure it would have ended the same way. I wouldn’t change the way I played it. I put my very best game on court but I guess that’s just how it should have ended anyway.

If the world was about to end tomorrow I can tell you I would sit back and enjoy any of Rafa’s matches. Unfortunately my job and my lifestyle doesn’t allow me to visit the cities I usually stay in. Just because I always need to be close to a 100% physical condition I cannot afford to spend many energies around in extra activities. I tell you, I can get easily tired with a simple walk! (laughs) I would love to travel only for pleasure one day, especially in Australia.”

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