Bucharest 2015: straight to the Finals!

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Once again Sarita has proven herself to be the warrior we all know and officially launch her run for the 2nd season title, her career n.9 as Singles player.

Even fighting against the heat, the crowd totally supporting her last home representative and a tough opponent like Monica Niculescu, the Italian only gave up a set before clinching a memorable comeback to reach her 18th career final.

The Bucharest Open 3rd-seeded chose ans succeed in giving everything she had since the very first point of the match in order to bamboozle our Sarita, thus forcing her trail for almost the whole set . The Rio Open winner managed to pick her up twice but unfortunately could not finish the job let Niculescu have the first standing ovation. Good thing the set break came just in time to let Sara cool a little and set the “in the zone” mode on.

As she displayed her internationally known tactics and technicals qualities, especially if it is clay she is playing on, Niculescu got suddenly more and more harmless. It quickly became clear that there was nothing left she could do to stop “the eye of the tiger“. Drop shots, speed variations and long rallies, have been the trademarks former WTA n.5 needed to gather in the following 2 sets to get the semifinal win. Final score: 5-7, 6-1, 6-2.

Great effort and perfect display of consistency and condition it was for Sara, especially considering the ankle injury occurred just fews days ago during the tournament. Now she can safely concentrate on setting up the rush for her 9th Singles title and also catch her breath since she has just passed Victoria Azarenka – n.19 – in live ranking. Moreover, she has just added another record to her palmarés as the 2° all time Italian to play more Singles finals – 18 (and counting). P.S. Sara is also n.14° in the race.

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