Beijing 2015: Errani shuts n.2 Kvitova out



2015 is far away from being over for our Sara Errani, who proves herself once again to be one of the toughest contenders of the whole tour: after the incredible outcome achieved in Toronto’s Premier5 against former n.1  Victoria Azarenka, here another glorious win against world’s n.4 and n.2-seeded Petra Kvitova.

It should be definitively clear that whenever our warrior steps on court in the zone and ready to fight until the very last point it is going to be a takeover. No matter match record, latest results or main draw picks, she is going most likely to succeed. In facts, even with a 0-6 record disadvantage, a tough battle lost in Wuhan to Garcia and the second unluckiest pick – let’s also consider the fact that it was the first unseeded Premier Mandatory draw attended in a while – Sarita made it. She took over the National Tennis Stadium di Pechino and run today’s best show.

There was no doubt – judging by her early attitude – that it was going to be a blast: while the Czech champion was still trying to take measures, Errani already got a 3-1 advantage. Kvitova managed to get her grip back and level the first set at 4-4, yet putting herself up to an usual endurance test. Finally, Sarita seized the opportunity to close this partial at 6-5 using her service, throwing a panting Kvitova in deep waters. The Italian continued to pound and took another break in the beginning of the second set as the n.2-seeded player was grasping for air and was asking for a MTO to rest and get her shoulder treatment. The n.4 in world rankings played all her cards but none worked against a zoned warrior like ours, who resisted the critical attack and striked back with a lethal break. Final score: 7-5, 6-4.

For those who did not make it live, here’s today’s HIGHLIGHTS:

Another amazing success for Sara Errani – the 3rd against a Top5 player, 1st ever on hardcourt – to add to the records not just because of its single importance but also for its influence on the Race rankings; it is no secret that Sara’s season goal is to make it to Elite Trophy of Zhuhai, that is why this win also represents one more chance to reach it.

On her way to the Masters here’s a recent acquaintance, the same that costed a way too early elimination from Wuhan only a few days back – Caroline Garcia – who got into 2R thanks to a double 6-2 over the Chinese Jie Zheng.

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